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Our mole trap design has proven itself as one of the most effective and popular mole traps available in Europe, and we’re happy to begin shipping these traps to our new customers in the United States and Canada. Of the many mole trap designs available, our device stands out as a leader for its efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

Our mole trap design has a number of defining characteristics:

  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use: we provide a step-by-step guide along with an interactive video guide to make seting up traps as straightforward as possible.
  • Durability: Each trap is constructed using galvanized steel, ensuring long-term rust resistance.
  • Convenience: when the trap has sprung, the pin mechanism will lower, making it simple to know when moles have been caught.
  • Ethical design: moles are killed instantly and do not suffer.
  • Environmentally friendly: these devices operate entirely on kinetic spring energy, and we employ an environmentally-conscious manufacturing process.

If you have any questions about how to use your mole trap, we’re happy to help. Call us at 855-413-MOLE (6553) or use our contact form.

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Tired of struggling with moles?

Using our innovative mole traps, ridding the nuisance of moles is simple and painless. We provide step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial to make set-up simple.

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